Are you ready to tame camping trip chaos?

to celebrate 45 years of wedded camping!

Do you wish camping trips took less time and stress to plan and get packed so you could hit the road relaxed and ready to roll knowing you remembered all the essentials?

We've put together 5 bundles of guides, checklists and printables to create our Camping Essentials Toolkit packed full of practical tools to jumpstart planning, packing and recording your next camping adventure.

Celebrating 45 years of our wedded camping calls for a special discount. The Camping Essentials Toolkit is regularly priced at $47.00 but during our anniversary month get 45 years worth of camping experience at 45% off for only $26 bucks!

"As a novice camper, this Camping Essentials Toolkit will take the worry out and add more wonder into every trip we take. Making the binder will not only be a valuable resource but a keepsake as well."

-Pam Clark from Arizona

Hey there fellow camper! 👋

I know what its like to forget the maple syrup for Dad’s yummy pancakes or lose my notes with directions to a special campsite.

Planning and packing for a camping adventure can be stressful with so many important details to remember while wishing you felt more ready and relaxed.

But the good news is you can use our Camping Essentials Toolkit to have peace of mind to take everything you really need.

The Camping Essentials Toolkit will help you….

Don’t waste any more time and energy figuring out how to tame camping trip chaos…

The CAMPING ESSENTIALS TOOLKIT supplies multiple guides and resources that are all rolled into one practical toolkit to jumpstart your planning and packing! A great camping adventure starts with good planning and packing so let’s get started.

transform how you plan and pack👇


Stuffed with practical and simple tools...

camping essentials toolkit

Jumpstart your planning and packing for your next camping adventure

"This toolkit has 'everything' we need... from useful links, which are fantastic 'thank you', comprehensive pre-filled & blank checklists that are easy to use 'just tick the box'.
The menu plans, grocery lists & essential gear checklists are amazing, we will have everything we need without the fear of being miles away from stores.
I love the campsite stats pages, trip logs & adventure sheets, the guide on how to put it together was really helpful. You have truly thought of everything to stay organized whilst camping."

-Jeanine DeDiana from Australia

Hi there from Pres and Janice, the folks behind BOONDOCKER Camping.

The Camping Essentials Toolkit was born out of our own need to find practical solutions to create checklists and menus as well as a place to keep our research, record our trips and better organize our camping adventures. 

We want you to benefit from our 45 years of camping experience and testing tools that work for us.

Happy trails!


save time and money now!

Camping Essentials Toolkit

Camping Essentials Toolkit

Get 45 years of tried and true planning and packing tools! Are you ready to jumpstart planning and packing for your next camping adventure?

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