This camping planner saves time and headaches

Enjoyable camping requires good planning! Don’t get overwhelmed with menu planning, and creating lists so you don’t forget that ONE thing that makes or breaks a fun outing…..darn, no can opener for the beans or oh no! we are out of toilet paper.

My planner for recording campsite details

I have researched planners and find the Gone Camping Life brand to be very practical and customized specifically for the traveling camper. I use their product to keep my checklists organized, with a place for recording campsite info, for easy reference to revisit those great camp spots we discover.

The planner has a handy section devoted to your rig’s maintenance, as well as a place for keeping track of your trip costs, campground and campsite info, and those special memories.

Planning meals and recording adventures

My favorite section is the “Meal Planner” pages, which include a weekly menu plotting section and grocery list, together on the same page. This is a BIG TIME SAVER as the menu can be reused or tweaked, with a grocery list already made out.

The journal is divided into “Destinations” to fill out the simple log page sections for quality of cell reception, elevation, and weather, or favorite activities. An “Adventure List” at the front of the planner makes a way for me to later find a favorite campsite that I want to revisit.

Multiple options to fit YOUR needs

Gone Camping Life planner

Gone Camping Life has created a selection of planners and journals, as hardcopy books, PDF printables, or digital versions. I like the hands-on book for scribbling down my campsite notes while riding down bumpy back roads.

However, I also love the ability to easily add my digital photos. After compiling a digital journal, you can later print it or better yet, share your adventures with family and friends.

Your journal cover can be personalized with your name and photo, to create a special memory album.

Special discount!

I use and enjoy this planner so much that I became an affiliate so I can offer it to you at a discounted price! You’ll be a happy camper with this handy tool for organizing and remembering everything you need. Get 15 PERCENT OFF your order now, by entering my coupon code: MakingTraxCamping during check out.

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