Does your house sitter know where to find your water shut-off valve?

Would anyone know where to look for you if you got stuck in the backcountry? 

Our “Home Base Handbook” makes it easy to share your trip plan as well as instructions for care of your home and pets.

Leave home with peace of mind. Your friends and family back home will thank you.

Templates for trip itinerary and house sitter
Pres and Janice at Lake Sabrina in the Sierra Nevadas

Janice and Pres are your trusty guides with over 45 years of camping experience.

Pilots file a flight plan and backpackers file a wilderness permit so friends and rescuers can find them. We know what it’s like driving on a 4×4 road in the wilderness with no cell reception. Over the years we have refined our trip planning to include being responsible to share our trip itinerary with those who care if we come back home.

  • Relax knowing you have an itinerary for both you and your loved ones to follow.
  • Save time and stress knowing the person who is caring for your pets and home has clear instructions.  
  • As a bonus getting our template bundle subscribes you to our camping goodies newsletter for tips and trip information.

Your FREE Home Base Handbook Includes:

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