Double sleeping bag review

Having a great sleeping bag is key for a good night’s sleep while camping. Our favorite is a roomy, double size bag for two people, rated for zero degrees by Teton Sports Mammoth. I would equate the space of the bag, to a queen size mattress. We are both tall and like the room of this bag to move and turn.

This cozy bag has 3 zippers (both sides and across the bottom) with drawstrings, baffles in the head section and a comfy flannel lining. I like that I can unzip the bag apart into two parts for ease of washing or hanging out to sundry.

The Mammoth sleeping bag has served us well, sleeping on a full-sized air mattress in the back of our pickup truck with a camper shell. Most recently it fits perfectly on our queen foam mattress pad, in the cab-over section of our Alaskan camper.

We have kept warm while camping in the snow, without the use of a space heater. A tip for sleeping warm is to wear a beanie or cap to bed.

Since much of our body heat escapes through our head, a hat can really make a difference. My hubby does not have much hair on his head, so he enjoys a lined beanie both for wearing outdoors and while sleeping. I will also wear a beanie to bed on especially cold nights.

On warm evenings this bag can get too hot, so we turn the bag inside out to sleep on top, using a queen size bed sheet to keep us comfortable. Mammoth makes bag liners, but I have not tried one out yet.

I enjoy the simplicity of a sleeping bag, with no bed to make in the morning. A roomy stuff bag is included for storage. Even though the stuff bag is large enough, it takes me a while to get this large bag completely packed. While on the road, I simply fold up the bag and stuff it in between the dining seats in our truck camper.

We have had this bag since 2007 and are happy with the quality of the zippers, ripstop exterior, baffles, and lining. We also purchased the same brand in a single XXL size a few years ago. We noticed the fabric for the lining is a bit different and “rustles” when moving inside the bag. Otherwise, we really like it too. Ours is an olive green color. Mammoth offers other nice colors as well.

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